The Center for the Study of Child Care Employment has released its 2020 Early Childhood Workforce Index and the authors do not mince their words: “Continuing to pay early educators poverty-level wages out of an expectation that women, especially women of color, will continue to do this work for (almost) free … perpetuates sexism, racism, and classism in the United States”. The report documents the ongoing poverty-level wages of the ECE workforce and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on these neglected professionals. The report finds that childcare workers earn, on average $11.65 per hour; less than 98% of classifications or just over 40% of the compensation of kindergarten teachers. “For a single adult with one child, median childcare worker wages do not meet a living wage in any state”. To make a living wage in California, childcare workers without children would have to earn an extra $1.50 per hour, an almost 10% raise. One in seven childcare workers in California is living in poverty. The report also recommends seven public policy areas to address these issues and rates states’ progress, finding that California is “stalled” or “edging forward”, but not “making headway”, in every area.