Strong Start partners, Children Now, have just released their 2020 California Children’s Report Card, detailing where the state is succeeding, and falling short, in meeting the needs of the over nine million children who are the future of our state. Overall, the report is concerning. California ranks towards the bottom of all states in ensuring young children receive preventive screening, meaning that many children do not receive timely interventions. Of the more than half a million infants and toddlers who are eligible for subsidized childcare, fewer than 14% receive services – mostly due to a lack of state funding.  While California does a better job of providing subsidized preschool, more than 200,000 eligible children (more than 40%) miss out. Meanwhile, the state’s preschool and transitional kindergarten programs rank 39th out of 46 states on quality metrics and early childhood educators continue to be the lowest paid profession. Particularly concerning is that fewer than a quarter of children ages 0-5 estimated to need early intervention services receive them, missing a crucial opportunity to support them and their families in overcoming their academic and life challenges. The report is a bracing reminder that, despite last year’s historic reinvestment in early care, health and education, and the Newsom administration being generally supportive, we must continue to work to ensure every child gets the strong start they deserve.