Last month the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors approved the first ever Santa Clara County Children’s Budget – a comprehensive accounting of the funds flowing through and from the County of Santa Clara that supports programs for children and their families. Altogether, the County spends almost $860 million per year across 180 programs addressing children’s health, safety, welfare, education and quality of life. Approximately 80 percent of those funds are Federal or State money that pays for programs operated by the County while 20 percent – or $168 million – are the County’s own dollars. Six of the top ten programs, in total spending, are operated by the County’s Social Service Agency and include child welfare services, foster care, Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid safety net health insurance program), CalFresh (California’s safety net supplemental food program), adoption programs and CalWORKS (public assistance for eligible families with children). The remainder of the top ten programs are outpatient and intensive behavioral health services, child support services and pediatric medical staff costs. The report illustrates both the breadth and complexity of the County’s programs with many supported by braided funding streams from multiple sources. Despite the complexity, the report is surprisingly clear and easy to understand and represents a fantastic resource for those interested in understanding the County’s role in the landscape of children’s supports. The full report can be viewed at, the County’s accompanying press release can be found at and a report on the budget release can be found at  (picture credit – Santa Clara County Office of Education)