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Santa Clara County Resources

Santa Clara County Kids in Common Data Book 2019

2015-2016 Santa Clara County Children’s Health Assessment

2015-2016 Santa Clara County Children’s Health Assessment Vol. 2

2017 Santa Clara County Early Learning Master Plan

Santa Clara County Early Learning Facilities Study - May 2018

Early Learning Needs Assessment Tool web site

Santa Clara County 2018 School Readiness Assessment

SCCOE Early Learning Services Annual Report 2017-18

Santa Clara County 2018 Child Care Needs Assessment

Santa Clara County 2010 Early Learning Master Plan

Santa Clara County Individualized Child Care Subsidy Pilot Plan

Individualized Child Care Subsidy Pilots in California

Preschool Participation for Low-Income Children and Low-Income Children of Immigrants in Silicon Valley: Part I, A Demographic Profile

Barriers to Preschool Participation for Low-Income Children of Immigrants in Silicon Valley: Part II

Social & Economic Benefit

Right Start Commission Report: Rebuilding the California Dream; 2016

Brain Development and Early Investment; 2015

Options for Investing in Access to High-Quality Preschool in Cincinnati

New Kids on the Block: Findings from the First Year of CA's State Preschool QRIS Block Grant; 2016

RWJF Early Childhood Experiences and Health; 2011

NBER Early Childhood Education working paper, 2015

Investments in Young Children- The Economic Case and How to Fund; 2011

California's Infants and Toddlers: Future Promise or Missed Opportunities?; May 2015

Fiscal Effects of investing in High Quality Preschool Programs

Quality Early Childhood Development Improves Adult Physical Health; 2015

Economics of Early Childhood Investments; 2014

Policy and Advocacy

Early Childhood Workforce Index; 2016

NIEER State Preschool Yearbook 2015

Lessons From Research and the Classroom- Implementing High Quuality PreK that Makes A Difference for Young Children; 2014

Funding the Next Generation

Exceptional Circumstances: Issues in Early Childhood Special Education; 2016

Power of a Good Idea: New America Report on SF Preschool for All; 2015

Preparing America's Children For Success in the 21st Century: Too Small to Fail; 2013

Steps Toward a Local Dedicated Funding Stream

The Road to High Quality Early Learning: Lessons from the States; 2016

Achieving Kindergarten Readiness for All Our Children: A Funder's Guide to Early Childhood Development from Birth to Five; 2015

Santa Clara County Race to the Top

Understanding California's Early Care and Education System

Moms Rising Strong Start for Strong Cities; 2016

Playbook For Becoming An Early Learning Community; 2014

The Disconnect Between Resources and Needs When Investing in Children

Examining Quality Across the Preschool to Third Grade Continuum; 2016

Building bridges: How to share research about children and youth with policymakers

LCFF and ECE Talking Points

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