Governor Newsom has signed a bill placing a $15 billion bond for schools’ construction and renovation, that includes funding for district operated preschool facilities, on the March 3, 2020 statewide ballot. The “Public Preschool, K-12, and College Health and Safety Bond Act of 2020” will require a two-thirds majority vote to pass. The measure includes and supersedes proposals for K-12 and community college ($13 billion), higher education ($8 billion) and preschool ($500 million) bonds that started as separate bills in the state legislature. Despite advocates’ hopes, the final bill did not include a specific set aside of $500 million for preschool facilities. Instead, facilities that “support a local educational agency-administered preschool program, including, but not limited to, the California state preschool program … that is operated by a school district and located on a schoolsite operated by the district” will be eligible for state matching funds for new construction or renovation. You can read more about the passage of AB 48 at Edsource .