Strong Start of Santa Clara County, in collaboration with Kids in Common (a program of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte) and the Local Early Education Planning Council of Santa Clara County, published the Santa Clara County Voter’s Guide On Children’s Issues four weeks prior to the November 6th elections. You can see the guide at For the guide we asked each candidate running for selected local, state or federal offices in Santa Clara County to answer five questions about their priorities for children. Candidates were given several weeks to respond to the survey. More than 90 candidates for state assembly, county supervisor, city councilor and school district trustee responded providing a treasure trove of information for voters interested in candidate’s positions on quality child care and preschool, inclusion of children with special needs, addressing the opportunity gap, the candidate’s own priorities on issues facing children and families and how they will tackle them in their agency’s budget process. It was tremendous amount of work and a great example of how our organizations work together to provide public education on our issues. So, how succesful were we in educating the public? A quick analysis of the web page data shows more than unique 1,600 site visits and over 8,000 page visits. A full breakdown is below. We think this is a fantastic success and are so grateful to the candidates for their responses and to the site visitors for their interest in children’s issues.


Raw, unfiltered hits (all pages) = 8,165
Raw, unfiltered website visits = 2,465
Unique website visits = 1,613

Most popular candidates based on hits:
Chris Norwood – Milpitas Unified School District, 480 hits
Brian Wheatley – San José Unified School District (Area 4), 418 hits
Karina Dominguez – City of Milpitas, 174 hits
Enrique Navarro-Donnellan – Morgan Hill Unified School District (Area 2), 120 hits
Wil Fluewelling – Cupertino Union School District, 103 hits

Most popular races based on hits:
San José Unified School District, 576 hits
Milpitas Unified School District, 480 hits
Morgan Hill Unified School District, 320 hits
City of Milpitas, 255 hits
California State Assembly, 198 hits